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Frugal Accomplishments for the Beginning of June

June Harvest 1 The Prudent Homemaker 

I harvested Mission figs, Royal apricots, Meyer lemons, peppermint, green onions, New Zealand spinach, Swiss chard, hibiscus flowers, and blackberries from the garden.

I worked in the garden, weeding and sowing seeds for sunflowers, Armenian cucumbers, Genovese basil, and vincas. 

I collected green onion seeds from my green onion flowers and planted a new row of green onions in the garden. We are using these more and more often as they can be harvested year-round. I am wanting to grow enough green onions in the garden to make it easy to harvest them several times a week every week of the year.

I made a batch each of orange extract and vanilla extract.

Blackberries June 2018 The Prudent Homemaker

I finished sewing a table runner that I had started last year and set aside in my sewing room.

Ezrom Eagle Scout Invitation The Prudent Homemaker

I took pictures of my second son for his Eagle Scout Court of Honor invitations. My husband designed an invitation on the computer and we ordered the invitations as photo prints, which were much less than printing them as invitations would have been ($0.17 each).


What did you do to save money this past week?


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  • Cindy Brick June 11, 2018

    Can you explain how you make extracts? (In a blogpost, please -- I don't always read all the comments.)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one of your readers to be curious about this.

  • Glenda Rainbolt June 11, 2018

    I would like to know also how you make extracts. Thanks!

  • karen in WI June 12, 2018

    I make vanilla extract, but would love to know how to make orange! Oh, and if anybody has a good pickle recipe...we have tried a few times only to go through the canning process and not like the taste.

  • I like the Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill mix. I tried Marivene's suggestion to add a grape leaf to each jar to make them more crunchy, and it makes a huge difference. The lowest price I have found for it is at Walmart.

  • Siiri June 13, 2018

    Here where I live everyone adds blackcurrant leaves to the jars.

  • Marivene June 12, 2018

    Both the orange and vanilla extracts are explained on Brandy’s Instagram post.

  • Juls Owings June 14, 2018

    Don't do instagram so won't see how. :(

  • Cindy Brick June 15, 2018

    I agree -- I rarely check Instagram. Brandi, please cover this on the blog! (It would make for a nice quickie post right now, when your time is taken up with your darling baby.)

  • If you scroll down this page, you can see the link I gave there on how to do it, but I'll put it here for you as well: http://www.justputzing.com/2013/12/diy-flavored-extracts.html

  • Rhonda A. June 15, 2018

    Jules, you can view instagram accounts without having one of your own (unless they have set it up as a private account). You just can't comment on the posts. The same goes for Facebook.

  • Athanasia June 15, 2018

    We don't do Instagram and Facebook as it is against what our Church we attend has decided is acceptable for social media. I have mentioned this before. Along with the Twitter and everything else. We read blogs if we have judged them to be inline/acceptable with Church teachings. Brandy's blog is now being read by 2 other ladies I know.

  • If you scroll down this page, you can see the link I gave there on how to do it, but I'll put it here for you as well: http://www.justputzing.com/2013/12/diy-flavored-extracts.html

  • Rhonda A. June 16, 2018

    I understand and respect if the choice to not use social media is part of your religious beliefs, Athanasia. Brandy's Instagram account is filled with the same pictures you see featured every week on this blog. Nothing offensive. I don't have, nor do I care to have, my own instagram, twitter or facebook account, but still enjoy checking out some things others have posted on occasion. Some people may not be aware they can do this.

  • Athanasia June 18, 2018

    Thanks Rhonda. Our church has a school associated with it. It used to pretty much be mostly our own church families. We expanded over the years a grade at a time up through 12th grade. We started getting enrollments from non church members, many of whom were coming in with cell phones, smart phones and tablets. The elders decided we needed to set parameters for the use of technology. We had a very small computer lab at the time and so enlarged that. Computer usage at school is strictly monitored and the families sign a statement as to following technology usage (equal and acceptable to what the church families follow) when they are not in the school. Obviously we have no way to know what is being followed, other than trusting. But the church as a whole felt they also should follow these guidelines.

    I am fine with this. There are things we used to do 4 years ago and no longer do, what most people actually consider acceptable, like (most) current TV shows and movies in the theaters. We also added a dress code , again which there is no way to enforce outside of school, but the new children could reflect poorly on our witness, which is a worry, so we try.

  • If you scroll down this page, you can see the link I gave there on how to do it, but I'll put it here for you as well: http://www.justputzing.com/2013/12/diy-flavored-extracts.html

  • Ria June 12, 2018

    i think if you are commenting and will make a "tick" in the box by line "Subscribe to this entry (Please fill in your email address to subscribe to blog updates.)
    then you´ll have answers to your e-mail box.

  • Rhonda A. June 12, 2018

    I'm curious what recipes you will use the orange extract in.

  • Athanasia June 12, 2018

    Rhonda, one of the things I use orange extract in is Oatmeal Scotchies, the oatmeal cookie recipe from Quaker that has butterscotch chips in it. I have the old recipe cut out from 30 years or so ago and they used the orange extract. I see now a days they just say vanilla. But the orange is really good.

  • Athanasia June 12, 2018

    Oh and orange nut bread. The recipe is from an old old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.

  • Nancy June 12, 2018

    I use orange extract in my zucchini breed. Adds a nice flavor.

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