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Frugal Accomplishments for the Third Week in June

Roses in Blue Vase The Prudent Homemaker

I cut flowers from the garden for the house and put them in some garage sale vases.

I picked the last of the blackberries from the garden.

Apples and Flags The Prudent Homemaker

I picked apples, lettuce, basil, tomatoes , and three zucchini from the garden. 

I cut and dried parsley from the garden. 

I sowed seeds in the garden for zinnias and Bells of Ireland. 

I collected spinach seeds from the garden.

I collected warm-up water from the shower and used it to water pots in the garden.

My mom picked up a bag of top soil on clearance for $0.65 for me. I used it to top off the pots in the backyard that were needing a bit of dirt.

I opened the garage door in the early morning just a few inches and let the heat out of the garage. I also opened the windows for a couple of hours early each morning to freshen the house, during which time I was able to turn off the air conditioning (with lows at 83º next week and highs above 110º, I won't be able to do that then, though I will let in at least a bit of fresh air still each morning to freshen the house, and then close the house back up.) Monday and Tuesday we had unseasonably cool weather, and I was able to turn off the air conditioners! That changed quickly as temperatures were 110º F /43ºC by Thursday, which are normal temperatures for here this time of year.

I ordered some homeschool books while they were on sale and also used a free shipping code, which saved me a total of $48.63.

I listened to swing music on Pandora.

I studied French using free sources. One of my children studied French using free sources as well.

My husband gave one son a haircut.

My son and my husband mended the wheelbarrow.

We had an online video call with friends in France.

Gladiolus and Grape Vines The Prudent Homemaker

What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • Oooh, gorgeous flower pics! I walked my mom's garden this evening with her, and she pointed out all her flowers and the told me the names, and when she got to a David Austen rose, I said finally, a name I recognize! Simply because it's on your blog. :)

    My frugal accomplishments this week:
    - I redeemed pinecone rewards for $10 to my paypal account
    - It was my birthday this week, and Starbucks sent me a reward for a free drink or food. I used it to buy a lunch box one day. Normally, it would be $10 with tax and I’d never buy it, but I got it free! A small thing, but it totally made my day.
    - By rinsing out an empty shampoo bottle, I was able to get an extra week’s worth of product out of it.
    - I carpooled with my mother to run errands when she was in my end of the city running errands.
    - I made a peach galette to bring to a potluck ( I made it vegan, as the friend hosting the potluck is vegan, and I used some breadcrumbs made from leftover bread crusts in it, to absorb the juices. Turned out lovely, and my friend appreciated it! I also carpooled with friends to get to the hostess’s place, as it was in a neighbouring city.
    - My mother gave me some samples that she had: shampoo & conditioner, and packaged ear plugs from several hotel stays. She also gave me a craft soap that she was given, and I will likely give it as a gift to someone else.
    - My mum also gave me a cedar tree (small) that she was able to get on sale for $2! It will make for something alive and green on the balcony when it’s snowy winter.
    - The DH and I sent some items to his mother, and I included some toiletries (Crabtree & Evelyn) collected from a hotel stay earlier this year.
    - My sister bought me a cake for my birthday, and I was able to give her a $3 off coupon that I had clipped and saved months ago.
    - My sister used metallic confetti at my party, and I saved it to put into cards for friends’ future birthdays. It was her idea!
    - The DH reused decorations from previous years to decorate our home for my birthday. We’ll packed them away to use again, as usual. They’re only dollar store decorations, but why waste them?
    - I thinned my carrot sprouts, replanted the thinned plants, and repotted a $2 cedar plant that my mom gave me.  
    - I pulled some wilted carrots from my fridge, peeled them, and soaked them in water to crisp them up
    - I took a box home from work to reuse to wrap a gift for my dad in
    - I picked up my birthday freebie from Sephora while at the mall running errands. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll keep it for myself, or give it away.
    - I use a coupon to get a free iced tea from David’s Tea while shopping.
    - I bought a number of items that I needed at Shoppers Drug Mart, all on sale, and qualified to get a $10 gift card free. I’ve set it aside to use next time I shop there.
    - I used a birthday freebie at Mary Brown's Fried Chicken to get a free chicken sandwich for my mom. Birthday freebies are awesome!
    - I refused gift bags and wrap for my father's day gifts

    And that was my week -- looking forward to learning from everyone else!

  • Sabrina June 18, 2017

    Margaret, Happy Birthday!

  • Thanks, Sabrina! :)

  • Cindi June 19, 2017

    Happy Birthday! I love how you shared freebies with others -- and they shared with you.

  • Thanks, Cindi! Freebies are the best! I love the thrill of getting something free, even if it's not for me. Yay, free stuff!

  • Athanasia June 19, 2017

    Yes, Happy Birthday Margaret. Many little fun celebrations with the free items. Except for Starbucks, I didn't recognize the other businesses.

  • Thanks, Athanasia! Regarding the stores, Shopper's Drug Mart is kind of like Walgreen's or wherever that store is where you get ECBs (or like Boots in the UK); Mary Brown's Fried Chicken is like KFC (except way yummier, in my opinion. Their seasoned taters are the BEST); David's Tea is just a chain of tea houses, although it's mostly for buying loose leaf or prepped teas to go, usually people don't buy teas to sit down and drink there; And Sephora is a make-up/skin care store that sells all brands under one roof (I know it's in the US as well).

  • Athanasia June 21, 2017

    Well we do have a KFC but I am anti fried food person so my husband occasionally picks up some for himself when he is out over the lunch hour. A tea shop would be nice; we have coffee shops but I think they mainly have the tea just by the teabag.

  • Jenny June 19, 2017

    It sounds like you had a lovely birthday week almost

  • Totally! I wasn't looking forward to this particular birthday as it brought home the fact that I'm getting older and not yet a mom, but between family and friends, it turned out to be a lovely one. Plus, I'm healthy, my family is still around, i live in a safe country, and have access to plenty of food, so I feel VERY lucky to be who i am at the age I am.

  • Rhonda A. June 19, 2017

    Happy Belated Birthday, Margaret!

  • Thanks, Rhonda! :)

  • mable June 19, 2017

    Happy birthday! One caution, please: don't send the confetti in cards to anyone older or with mobility problems. I have a disease that makes it hard for me to walk and it makes me crazy, and has driven me to tears, to open a card and have things spill out all over the floor. Pets can also be attracted to those bright shiny objects...I don't mean to rain on your parade, just to alert you to things an able-bodied or younger person may not think of. It also infuriates me to open a magazine and have those loose cards spill out all over the floor...

  • Good point, Mable! I never thought of that! I do plan to send it to some younger friends (who have kids they can have do the scrabbling around on the floor for them). :)

  • Beautiful flowers, of course, but I love your kitchen counter tops! I'll be redoing my entire kitchen after our #yearofno, and I'd love to have something like this. Right now it's a terrible cheap tile and very hard to keep clean.

    I've been opening our garage door to keep things aired out here, too. Our highs have been in the '90s which is hot enough for me. :)

    Here are the ways we saved last week:

  • Julie Walker June 18, 2017

    I used coupons at Red Lobster for our Father's Day dinner Saturday, even though my kids get a little embarrassed. LOL I recycled my Aldi's brand of coke cans. I made a trellis from two old porch columns a neighbor threw out. That was my favorite.

  • mable June 19, 2017

    Julie, something that made my family less embarrassed, and even turned them on to couponing themselves, was to keep track of every single penny I saved with coupons. At the end of the month, I'd announce the total and point out what that amount would buy. It became a game with the kids and as adults they are now very aware of how to get a bargain!

  • Sandra June 18, 2017

    We had friends for dinner last night and all food was from our pantry, freezer, and garden. Love it! Picked peas and asparagus for vegetables this week. For salads I gathered chives, lettuce , and arugula. The warmer temperatures have made the lettuce and arugula bolt. I am gathering as much as I can that is still good and after washing I wrap the greens in a clean linen tea towel and then put in a bag in the crisper. Hopefully we will have another couple of weeks of salad this way. I am also drying parsley, basil, and oregano. One night this past week I roasted a large chicken. We have had several meals from it and I am now boiling the bones with a bag of kitchen scraps from the freezer. It should give me about 4 pints of stock for cooking. I will leave a pint in the refrigerator and freeze the rest in 2 cup containers. I have continued cutting flowers from the garden for the house and the front porch. As always, we cook all our own meals and carry snacks and drinks with us when we go out.

  • Sandra, I left some of my bolted arugula in the garden for a bit before and had some of it self-seed. So if you don't get around to picking all of it or if you pick off the main leaves and let it bolt, you may get more arugula without any effort on your part. Being hot, it may have to grow up, self-seed again, and then you will have a fall crop, or you can eat this next crop, depending on your summer temperatures.

  • Sandra June 19, 2017

    Yes, Brandy, I have found lettuce, spinach, and arugula reseed easily if allowed to develop seed heads. I just give them a good shake before pulling up the old plants and it gives me a head start on spring greens. Today is cherry canning day. We have two trees full of ripe cherries.

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