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My Goals for the Month of September

Octavius September The Prudent Homemaker 


Garden Goals:

Weather.com is predicting hotter than usual weather for the southwest U.S. for September and October (and predicting an early fall for the Northeast and South). The heat makes it hard to want to work in the garden (just a couple of days ago it was 113ºF/45ºC), but work still needs to be done.  It's still too hot in September to plant most things for my fall garden (soil temperatures are 80-85ºF and air temperatures are over 100º, cooling down into the upper 90's by the end of the month) but I need to have the garden ready to plant in October.


1. Weed the garden

2. Fertilize fruit trees

3. Pull out dead vines

4. Deadhead zinnias

5. Start cutting down the dead peach tree. (My large Early Elberta tree died this year and I want to get it out so that I can replace it this fall).

6. Trim hedges

7. Fertilize roses

8. Pull out plants that died (several bushes and a tree) that are within the one-year warranty and return them to the nursery for credit. I will also take the pots back for credit, as they give a few cents credit for each of the larger black pots. 

9. Pull out large bushes that fried in June. June had 117º temperatures (something we don't usually see until July) and a lot of my plants completely burned. 



Sewing Goals:

1. Mend 10 items of clothing

2. Hem three pairs of pants for my husband

3. Continue to work on whitework embroidery project

4. Sew a gift (or two) for my daughter for her birthday



1. Donate items to the thrift store

2. Tidy the garden shed

3. Organize school supplies

4. Organize toiletry cabinet 


What are your goals for September?


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  • LivelyFL September 04, 2017

    Reconcile June, July and now August bank statements
    Prepare husband's business tax return (on extension)
    Contribute money to our emergency fund (at end of September)
    Make both mine and husband's lunch everyday this month (this week we alternate between beans/rice and hawaiian chicken/rice)
    Pick up leaves out of 2 front flowerbeds (very time consuming, one by one)
    Cut back plants in 2 front flowerbeds and remove dead strands
    Trim hedges

  • Mrs. Picky Pincher September 04, 2017

    Sound like some wonderful goals for the upcoming fall season! I'm not a fan of the hot fall weather we'll be getting, but I'm happy to finally have an excuse to put pumpkin in everything. ;) I really missed the taste of fresh pumpkin after discovering it last year! Mmmm.

  • Evelyn Edgett September 04, 2017

    Our cowboy church is having our annual trail ride to raise money for St Jude's Children's Hospital this month, so my time wil be spent getting all our camping and horse riding equipment ready, along with making sure we have food for our meals while out on the ranch where the ride will take place. Oh yeah, and I have to get my spoiled rotten mare all groomed and pretty for the ride!

  • Rhonda A. September 04, 2017

    Extreme temperatures are so hard to deal with. Apparently they are predicting a very cold winter for our area. Not looking forward to that!
    My list of things to do in September includes:
    *Processing the multiple large bags of various berries in the freezer into homemade canned jam.
    *Process the big frozen bucket of peach juice into either peach syrup or peach jelly
    *Make homemade chicken stock and can it with my new pressure canner
    *Try making some home canned soup with my new pressure canner
    *Watch for rock bottom sale prices on more seasonal produce and process them for use in winter as I purchase them
    *Try a few new recipes to hopefully expand our list of family favourite meal ideas
    *Find a project I'd like to make on the 4-harness table loom that someone kindly let me borrow for free
    *Figure out how to read the weaving pattern, what I need to do to warp the loom to make said project, and calculate how much materials I need to complete the project (hoping to find cheap materials to do the project through various sources)
    *Survive my autistic daughter's transition into high school, hopefully with sanity still in tact :p

  • Sandra September 04, 2017

    Continue deadheading spent flowers
    Can more tomatoes as salsa and marinara sauce
    When it cools off enough, change out summer to winter bedding (maybe late September)
    Clean my closet and retire summer clothes, replacing with fall/winter wardrobe
    Can Bartlett pears
    Finish vacation scrapbook
    Have a fall picnic for friends as soon as we get into the 80's
    Gather pumpkins from our garden for decorating around the house

  • J September 04, 2017

    My biggest goal this month is getting the family back into the school year routine.

    Otherwise, winter preparations are in full swing. Yard, house, Christmas gifts and emergency supplies.

    Because we might move within a year, I am not stocking up too much - but rather will be trying to use things up.

  • Juls Owings September 04, 2017

    *Our forecast right now is cooler than normal plus possible crazy winter...
    *Goals are to winterize the house including sewing 8 pairs of winter curtains to replace the ones I lost last spring.
    *Sew flannel pj bottoms for myself.
    *Start pulling out fall/winter clothes and bedding and putting away warm weather clothes.
    *Replace Hubby's fall/winter clothes as he has lost too much weight to wear what he had last winter and the clothes are really worn or stained as they are from his job.
    *Finish harvesting the north gardens to plant ground cover (annual rye) before Oct 9th.
    *Plant fall garlic
    *Plant lettuce, radishes and baby spinach for fall
    *Finish curing onions for storage
    * Start clearing the south gardens, most will be removed completely.
    *Cut down the two flower beds
    *Start putting together Christmas/Yule/Hanukkah presents (multi faith family SMILING)
    * Clear out garden stuff out of garage so we can put car in the garage this winter
    * Tidy pantry, butler's pantry(dry goods), root cellar and the area where I have paper/cleaning products and personal products.
    * Continue to stock up. Continue to have energy and canning supplies to put up harvests.
    *Continue to save for months without income this winter
    * Continue to do therapy for shoulder
    * Make medical appts that have been put off due to surgery on shoulder
    *Continue with Pinecone and Swagbucks.

  • Patty from the NW September 04, 2017

    My September goals are:
    Freezing garden vegetables, pickle cucumbers , dry herbs for winter cooking, make my first batch of chamomile tea from the garden flowers, freezing berries for winter deserts, pick our first ripe apples from our young 2 y/0 tree, harvest our new grapes, yard clean up and organization,
    purge more and give to Goodwill as last month. Continue to work on our pantry goods and finish organizing our 72 hour emergency backpacks. Prepare our home for Fall and Winter activities and one last 3 day camp trip for the season.

  • Christine Lenz September 04, 2017

    Purging, we are over run by stuff. So stressful.
    Cleaning out drawers and closets to donate.
    Canning some pear butter and cowboy candy and pickled watermelon rind
    Starting on Christmas stuff.
    Cut way back on grocery shopping.

  • Jeannie September 04, 2017

    My first goal will be to get the seeds for the winter garden planted. I am so far behind. They should have already been out two weeks ago, but it is hard to plant more seeds when the summer garden is in full production.

    My second big goal will be to begin cooking and getting ready for a big celebration here on Saturday, September 23rd when we will celebrate the Feast of Trumpets. It will be very important this year since it will also have the Revelation 12 astrological sign in the heavens of the "...woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet...". It is the only sign the Bible called great, so I think I need to pay attention. Blood moons, solar eclipse, world gone crazy, I plan to do as Jesus said, "Look up." Don't know what will happen, but we will be looking up and since we don't have a shofar (goat horn) to blow, we plan on honking car horns at the sighting of the new moon. We are gentiles after all, and never can seem to get it right.

    I have posted an update on my August garden and must confess, I am a bit proud of my compost pile and did brag a bit too much.

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  • Athanasia September 06, 2017

    A good compost pile is a thing of wonder and deserves a bit of pride.

  • Jeannie September 07, 2017

    Thank you for forgiving me Athanasia.

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  • Fiona Chain September 04, 2017

    Goodmorning Brandy,
    My goals for this month are
    Continue with the spring cleaning, I have already started on the windows and blinds and hubby has washed the outside of the house
    Continue cleaning the skirting boards
    Clean on top of the kitchen cupboards
    Clean and tidy my sewing room and continue with a quilt I started months ago

    Finish mulching all the gardens and pots
    Plant out some basil and tomato seeds
    Cut back a vine that is struggling and let it start again
    Cut out the affected branches (by gall wasp) on the lemon and lime trees
    Plant some more Asian greens seeds

    And that's all I can think of at the mo
    Have a lovely day

  • Melonie K. September 04, 2017

    Seeing other folks' lists always helps me think of things I need to tackle - I finally got the bulk of my goals written out (instead of letting them rattle around in my own head for the month). ;)

    Mine are listed here:

  • Marcia R. September 04, 2017

    I am trying to deep clean my entire house before Christmas--have already started. It is my turn to host this year, and it's a good excuse to rid myself of some clutter!

    Harvested some radishes today from fall garden, and weeded the beets. I will get some more Miracle Gro on them soon because they are not growing very fast. They promise to be ready in 60 days and they've already been in for 30!

    It is ALREADY getting cool here. Sept 1st is usually the end date for swimming due to the cool nights. They have already gotten cool at least 2 weeks ago. High yesterday about 68, and we have had several days that cool. Today is not one of them but big storms and rain are coming tonight. My sister had her pool liner replaced on Thursday--she did not get much swimming in this summer because there was a leak and she had to wait for the pool people to have time to put the new liner in. It might get warm enough for kids to swim but I doubt the over 50 crowd will be wanting to! Last year we had a number of fun get together lunches with our 2 year old and 6 yr old nieces. This year that just didn't happen. My two sisters had one but I had something else planned that day--I stopped for half an hour as it was the best I could do.

    My DD has been helping with cleaning one day a week--I have trouble doing it all. I have a long "to do" list for this week already and it's only Monday!! My husband is having memory problems and I am needing to keep an eye on him much more than ever before. For every one thing I remember to check, he comes up with two more I hadn't thought of! It's quite an interesting situation, just keeping ahead of him. I am waiting for the first time he goes out in the car and can't remember the way back---I am always telling him where to turn when I am with him. It will be a bad thing when he can't go to medical appointments by himself anymore. He's not willing to go for a diagnosis at this point, so I'll just wait. Our doctor is retiring soon, and we'll maybe talk about it more when we get a new doctor.

    I will be getting winter clothes out but I hope it isn't necessary this month! Usually Sept is pretty nice, although I'm not trusting in that this year!

  • momsav September 05, 2017

    Marcia R., I'm sending big hugs while you deal with your husband. I know this can't be easy for you. My husband's memory has gotten worse in the past few years. (His mother was diagnosed with Lewis Body (sp?) Disease.) I think it's too early for any type of diagnosis, but it's at the back of my head.

  • Annie-Blake September 04, 2017

    Your baby boy is gorgeous! Lovely photo.

    My goals this month:
    -free activities for the children
    -attend nearby Markets while my daughter goes to a Matisse class at Alliance Francaise. They have fruit & vegetables at the market so if I see any good prices I will stock up. I will be keeping a look out for broccoli, cauliflower, capsicums, apples and bananas
    -attend a combined baptism and 1st birthday party, which means two presents. I spent $4.50 total on both gifts (savings of $36.50). I shop clearance and sales and keep them all in my linen cupboard
    -cook a few sweets from scratch with my children
    -grocery budget is $180 for the month. Some things I need include chocolate chips, milk, bread, yoghurt, gnocchi, fruit, vegetables
    -next month we are going on a holiday so I will start meal planning for it, using ingredients in hand

  • Heather in L.A. September 04, 2017

    My goal this month is to finish my bedroom as we are still remodeling the house we purchased in January. Slow and steady but no debt. I also plan on finalizing all Christmas gift ideas with the goal of acquiring or making all gifts by the first week of November at the latest. I purchased seeds 20 for $1, some are for spring planting but with living in the south my frost dates allow me to grow things much later in the year than others. I will be able to use that to my advantage. We will organize the pantry, freezer and bathrooms to inventory what we have a surplus of. This is also the month that our 72 hr kits are checked and replenished as needed.

  • BIG FAN September 04, 2017

    I am so grateful for this blog and the community of likeminded people. I have been reading blogs for almost 8 years now. I used to frequent many frugal blogs, but as those bloggers got famous, they stopped offering articles. Brandy, you are truly the only honest frugal blogger out there. I found you on Money Saving Mom and that site is a perfect example. It used to have tons of good tips and comments, but now it's 99% amazon affiliate links and she charges for everything. Please don't change this format. It's the only place left for people to exchange ideas for free and really help/encourage each other!

  • kim September 11, 2017

    I second your opinion that I like the format of this blog. So simple and easy to read. I also love the monthly goals and reading comments.

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