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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Thai Basil Seedlings The Prudent Homemaker 

I pulled the Thai basil plants (above) from the grass that had grown on their own. I'll replant them in the garden this week.

I harvested colander of tiny tomatoes, 4 1/2 butternut squash (2 decent-sized ones, 2 tiny ones, and half a tiny one; the other half was bug eaten), green onions, garlic chives, basil, and Swiss chard from the garden.

My eldest daughter applied for four scholarships.

My eldest son took a free ACT prep class.

I mended a sandal.

I added water to my lotion bottle to get out the remaining lotion. It yielded me a week's worth of lotion.

We had a surprisingly humid week. I was able to collect several gallons of water each day from the air conditioner drip, which I used to water potted plants in the garden.  On Thursday night we got a few minutes of rain, during which I went out and moved buckets to catch the rain. It rained a bit on Friday morning as well, so I was able to collect more rainwater in buckets and turn off the sprinklers and drip irrigation for the day (it's always nice when it rains on my assigned watering day!)

My husband and I enjoyed a date out using a gift card that we were given.


What did you do to save money last week? Did you try something new?



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  • Carole September 12, 2017

    Wouldn't savory bread pudding be quite a bit like bread dressing or stuffing (whichever you call it in your region)?

  • Rhonda A. September 12, 2017

    Yes, it is similar and can easily be seasoned that way. However, bread pudding is made with an egg and milk mixture, instead of poultry stock or drippings. Add in a bit of meat, cheese and/or veggies and it becomes more like a quiche or casserole. Since I didn't add veggies to mine, I paired it with a veggie side dish. Furthermore, the ingredients I did add made the leftovers perfect for breakfast!

  • Sandra September 13, 2017

    I think savory bread pudding is an apt name for the recipe, but I've been making it for years and my recipe (basic) calls it a strata. It is so versatile. I have often used it when we have overnight company and if there are any leftovers, they reheat beautifully in the microwave.

  • Marivene September 11, 2017

    It has been a busy week. Still dehydrating elderberries, apples & plums. Picked green beans, tomatoes & red raspberries. There were enough green beans to bottle some. The grapes, peaches & pears are all done.

    My youngest daughter came home early on Saturday & went with me her oldest sister's house. We put up quite a lot of green beans, stemmed & juiced grapes, stemmed elderberries to dehydrate, picked peppers & a hefty half bushel of tomatoes. Washed a bunch of jars, too, all while we had a nice visit.

    Youngest daughter took some workbooks to help her nieces & nephews learn cursive writing, since it is no longer taught in school. As a result, my grandchildren are unable to easily read the founding documents of their nation, which are all written in cursive. Their aunt also found a recipe box with all the recipes written in cursive, & they all were interested in that.

    The Eagle Creek fire is still burning, so I-84 is still closed. My middle daughter is within a few weeks of delivery, so when she goes into labor, Grandma will arrive via WA 14 to take care of Little Stuff. Several of the boxes of sliced peaches will go with, since Little Stuff loves them, & her momma cannot can this year because she cannot lift. If the call comes during the day, I will pick all the green beans before I go & take them with me, since Little Stuff loves fresh green beans, too. If the call comes at night, then whatever is still on our Kentucky Wonder vines will just dry into the seed for next year.

  • J September 11, 2017

    It is great that the kids are learning cursive. More and more research is showing the benefits of actual handwriting versus typing for development and thought process. Being able to read documents in cursive is also a plus!

  • Laurie in AZ September 11, 2017

    My husband and I drove the I 84 through the gorge on the Friday before the fire. The Columbia River Gorge is one of my favorite places on earth. The fire is heartbreaking!

  • Marivene September 11, 2017

    Because she has had complications with this pregnancy, & cannot pick up Little Stuff, anytime her husband has had to travel for work, I have gone up to be the other pair of hands, & usually that has been driving the Columbia Gorge. If I cross the Columbia River at the I-82 junction, and go down WA 14, the view will just be of the other side of the Gorge, & I won't have to backtrack from the bridge on 205. The speed limits are both 60 mph, so the time should be close to the same - about 12 hours.

  • Melody Lindquist September 11, 2017

    I agree Laurie. I grew up in Hood River and playing/hiking in the Gorge. It it's beautiful and the fires are devastating. The air quality this year in Oregon has been awful. About a week or so ago more than half our state was on fire.

  • Mandy September 11, 2017

    Congratulations on the soon to arrive little one!

  • Marivene September 11, 2017

    Thanks, Mandy. I am excited to meet him.

  • LSM September 11, 2017

    I called to pay a bill instead of using a stamp to send thru the mail. I inquired about a discount item and got it for 70% off. It was something my husband wanted so it was really awesome to ask and then get rewarded for asking.
    I bought 18 notebooks marked down to .20 a piece. I found and bought two of my favorite chopsticks that were marked 0% off. I found sour cream on sale so bought a few of those.

    I told my husband I was going to start writing down each thing we do to save money. I am very hard on myself when I waste money but rarely remember to praise myself when I find ways to save.

  • J September 11, 2017

    I actually did try something new - I tried several new recipes. If anyone is looking for recipes to use Butternut Squash I posted a round up of the ones I tried:

    I was sick with Mastitis and feeling really run down, so I did not get as much done as I was hoping too but I am starting to feel better now. Very thankful for antibiotics when you have a bacterial infection!

    I saved money by filling up at Costco when I realized gas prices everywhere else was starting to spike. I was almost completely out of gas so this saved about $12.00.

    I started making Christmas gifts (after several trial runs and material testing) and I am really excited (like REALLY excited) about how my DIY gifts are turning out. On a related note - I revisited one of Brandy's old posts about making bookmarks - in case anyone doesn't know this Brandy has some great free printables for bookmarks. Here is the link:

    Everything else was just the usual - trying to use electricity in off peak hours, cooking from scratch, etc.

    We took a few more boxes of stuff to the salvation Army - we went through all of my husband's clothes which we have not done in ....ever?? Probably about 7 years.

    We have been enjoying lots of time outside and at local parks.

    I started wrapping Christmas gifts. I find the sooner I organize and wrap them the less temptation (or forgetfulness) there is to pick up additional items. :)

    Have a great week everyone! As always I learn every week in this forum.

  • Melody in OR September 11, 2017

    Wow! Way to be ahead for Christmas! You'll have to share what you're making. I take it one of your projects is bookmarks!

  • Marivene September 14, 2017

    J, I have also started wrapping Christmas presents. I shop all during the year for Christmas, to spread out the cost, & have found that wrapping the gifts also helps me hide them in plain sight. I am usually done shopping by the end of the back to school sales, but this year I still have a couple of presents to get. Having the shopping done lets us focus more on the joy & less on the stress of the season. I want to have the ones for our middle daughter ready to go, so when I drive up to help with the baby, I can take them with me in the car, & save the shipping.

  • J September 14, 2017

    Yes, you are so right it makes everything much less stressful. Focus on the joy!!!

  • Sandra September 11, 2017

    We are still busy with the garden. Even though it is nearing the end of the gardening season, there is still much to be done. I am alternating drying grapes and herbs. We are busy mulching, weeding, and pruning. Lots of cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes everyday. I am saving all of the large tomatoes for canning and we are eating the cherries fresh two or three times a day. Still lots of green beans, too. We love fresh green beans and eat them almost everyday as well. The zucchini have slowed down, but I am still picking a few every week.

    On Saturday night we were invited out for dinner. Our hostess prepared a delicious baked chicken breast. It was so moist and tender, but it was also very large and I couldn't finish mine. I asked to take the leftover piece home and the next day I made a chicken salad with it. It was enough for two sandwiches.

    I cooked a bone in pork loin roast this past week and we had enough left to make two more dinners. First I boiled the bone, saving the stock, and with the meat from the bone I made barbeque pork sandwiches. There was enough barbeque meat left for two or three more sandwiches. The rest of the pork will be used up for a pot pie with the stock being used to make more gravy along with the leftover root vegetables that were cooked with the roast. All other meals and snacks this week were cooked at home. Usually I cook extra so we often eat leftovers for lunch.

  • LSM September 11, 2017

    *chapsticks for 50% off*

    That is what I get for not proofreading.

  • Marcia R. September 11, 2017

    One of my dentists (I have a specialist for gum disease) has a big bowl of chapsticks for patients to take one on the way out. I do so. They are a nice flavor. I was also gifted a round, lemon lip balm on my last birthday. So I am set for a while at no cost to me. I use them quite a lot.

  • Jenifer September 11, 2017

    Gonna be honest, I was quite curious about those chopsticks. :)
    Chapstick is pretty awesome though.

  • Cindy in the South September 11, 2017

    I made a pot of pinto beans and turnip greens. I made pimento cheese with items I already had in my pantry/frig. I had a huge unexpected bill, but that is life. Other than going to church, laundry mat (and walking in the river park near the laundry mat), visiting my kids, work, I stayed at home. I did no grocery shopping.

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