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Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Sunflower The Prudent Homemaker

My husband gave our two older boys' haircuts.

We gladly accepted a gift of a package of turkey bacon and a package of beef from our neighbor. She said she hadn't liked the turkey bacon (we don't mind it at all!) and had bought too many packages of the beef and didn't think she could eat them all. Later in the week, she brought me 4 very ripe bananas.

I picked red noodle beans, a few tomatoes, two Armenian cucumbers, and I cut Swiss chard, garlic chives, and basil from the garden.

Eagle Scout Cookies The Prudent Homemaker

My son had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor this week. I made cookies and cupcakes for refreshments. (I was able to cut out a shortening-based cookie instead of a butter-based cookie and had better luck. I still had to use a lot of flour not just while rolling, but also a floured stockinged rolling pin (even though I am using a marble one and cutting out on granite counters, which are cold), and flour the spatula between each cookie before lifting it off the counter to ensure it didn't stick and collapse while lifting it to move it to the cookie sheet. It was 113ºF (45ºC) the day I made the cookies. I also turned the air conditioner down a few more degrees while baking to try to keep the dough from completely melting/sticking.) My parents contributed some money to help me purchase some things I didn't have and needed to finish these, which was a great blessing.

Campfire Cupcakes The Prudent Homemaker

The water company sent me a bill; my water bills are highest in summer. Our water bill will be $100 less for August's water over July's water, thanks to the rain we had, my turning off the sprinklers and drip irrigation when we had rain, and the water I collected in buckets from the rains and used in the garden. 

It was humid this week again, so I was able to collect water from the air conditioning drip as well as from the shower to use to water pots in the garden.

My eldest applied for two scholarships. She also was able to download a free book for a class.


What did you do to save money this past week?

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  • Lori @ MyVintageWhimsy September 06, 2017

    Those cupcakes are so cute!! Congrats to your son, and good luck to Winter.

    Frugal accomplishments for the last week include:

    *It was unseasonably cool here in eastern SC for 3 days, so I was able to turn the a/c off completely during that time. I opened windows and enjoyed the temps being in the 60s and 70s. Once it climbed back into the upper 80s, the a/c had to come back on.

    *Found 40+ perennials on clearance for $1/quart at Lowe's. I am redoing my front beds, which used to have the original 1960s azalea bushes, but I ripped those out earlier this year. I've been waiting for a sale to buy flowers, and now I just need to get the beds cleaned up and flowers planted. I also bought some $1/pint mums. The stores here sell them as annuals but they are definitely perennials. I still have mums on my porch that I planted last autumn that have come back no issue. We still have enough warm days in October and even early November that they can establish a good root system and come back the following year.

    *We ate at home and used up most leftovers. Food waste has been an issue for a few months, so we're working on it. I need to organize my pantry and make a list of what is in there. I was really good about this prior to my SO moving in, but then when it went from my single person household to 5-6 people, well, it was utter chaos there for a couple of months, and it shows in my pantry. lol

    * I continued to list and sell on eBay. I am also reopening my vintage Christmas shop on Etsy this month. I have 4 Etsy shops, which have fallen by the wayside this year since I've been focusing on eBay, but I am going to slowly reopen all of them, starting with the Christmas one.

    * I found boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale at Aldi on Sunday. They packages were marked half off, which made the chicken .99/pound. A price that's unheard of around here these days. I bought every package I could find with a half off sticker, so nearly 18 pounds of chicken. I needed chicken, so this was a blessing. This will feed us for many meals. I used 3 breasts from one package to make pulled bbq chicken for sandwiches and it's provided dinner for us twice, and enough leftovers for SO to have lunch twice.

    It looks like we may be impacted from hurricane Irma next week, so I am in the planning stages now. After being hit with Matthew last October and being without electricity or water for over a week, I am not taking any chances this year. As time gets closer, if it does look like it will make landfall here in SC, I am going to fill up several 50 gallon trash cans with water for flushing toilets. I will fill up plastic storage tubs with water, too, plus all tupperware etc with water for drinking or washing hands. I need to go stock up on gallons of water, fill up pet water dishes, grab batteries, solar lights, etc. I was not very prepared last year since I had just moved into my house, despite having grown up here in Hurricane Country. I do not want to go through another miserable week without power this year. My SO works at a hospital 30 miles from here and it's undetermined yet whether or not he will have to be at work. So, we're planning on both scenarios. Thankfully his kids won't be here during that time.

  • LSM September 07, 2017

    Praying for your safety and protection.

  • Cindy in the South September 06, 2017

    Excuse typos please...my neighbor's house caught on fire last night and is a total loss. I had to evacuate with my dog, briefly, because it looked like the trees were going to catch on fire, and the trees hang over my house. All is well with me, and the fire dept got everything under control, except their house is a total loss. I may have lost sleep. They lost everything. Luckily, everyone made it out safely, and their needs are being taken care of. So, today, I am just grateful.

  • Becky September 06, 2017

    That's awful. I'm glad everyone was ok, though.

  • momsav September 07, 2017

    Oh, boy! Happy everyone's okay.
    My daughter is in Jacksonville, Fl. And, other family in Orlando. Prayers are going out for everyone in the hurricane path. What a mess!

  • Athanasia September 09, 2017

    Cindy, I am thankful your house is OK. So sad for your neighbors.

    We're all praying for safety for those affected by the hurricane and that all those that follow ( Jose, Katia etc...) turn out to be nothing much of all. The pictures of the island nations hit look like there's nothing left.

  • Roberta in So. Cal. September 06, 2017

    Your Eagle CoH treats turned out great!

    Frugal Efforts:

    * Ate home-prepped meals all but two times.

    * Harvested lettuce, tomatoes, purple basil, mild Chinese peppers, green beans, and lemons.

    * It was HOT, but we kept the AC set for 80F and opened the doors/windows whenever it dropped below that. Most days we could open up at least a couple of hours in the early mornings. Thankfully, the temps are dropping back down into the 90s this week, and the nights are back down into the 60s.

    * Hubs washed the dog and the vehicles.

    * Used water from our rain barrels (in which we also store our warm-up/rinse water) to deep soak the roses during the heat wave.

    * Read library books.

    * We had some unusually high winds one afternoon and lost a limb on our magnolia tree (fortunately, nothing on our house or our neighbor's house was damaged). The next day Hubs cut off the broken limb and cut it into chunks to cure for firewood.

    * Paid bills online.

    * Paid a tiny bit extra on the mortgage principal.

    * Walked the dog in the mornings for exercise. It was too hot in the evenings. :(

    * Made bread.

    * Turned a nearly empty lotion bottle upside down, and I'm still getting lotion out of it. Also squeezed the last bit from a medication tube.

    That's all I remembered to write down.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  • Rachel H September 07, 2017

    Love the cookies Brandy! And the cupcakes. Congratulations to your son on being an Eagle scout.
    I'd like to get some information out if I can. I live in Florida and we have a very huge, deadly hurricane heading our way. Don't know how many readers of this blog are in Florida, but I would hate for them to not be informed. Monroe County is under a mandatory evacuation. Miami Dade and Broward counties have a mandatory evacuation for barrier islands and low lying areas. You need to leave ASAP. Gas and water are in short supply. Irma is a CAT 5 hurricane, extremely dangerous! All those in the peninsula and east coast are in the path. I live in the northwest part of the state, and unless there is a turn, we look to be in the clear. I just wanted to warn others, I have lived in Florida all my life and I know that people who move here from other parts of the country don't always understand the risk. And not all people watch t.v. or listen to the radio. Hurricane Harvey that just hit Texas was a CAT 3 and there were 63 deaths. If you don't know where to go for shelter, please reply to this post, and I will direct you to my area and help you find a place.
    Thank you Brandy for helping get the word out.

  • Janet September 08, 2017


    I have a question for you. Do you make the treats one day ahead so that you too can enjoy the party and the child on the special day like his Eagle Scout or do you make day of/ or two days ahead to make certain they come out and there is time?

  • Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker September 08, 2017

    Janet, it took me three days to make these treats. His celebration was during the evening and I had to have the cookies done by that morning to have them dry in time; we had hoped to have them done the day before but it took a really long time to do them and I had to finish them that morning. I didn't know how many people were going to come; we invited 75 families. I made 120 cookies and 40 cupcakes and ended up with extras as some people didn't take any at all. The cookies were fun but they are very time-consuming.

  • Janet September 08, 2017


    I would love to know the hotel where you caught crab this sounds like an experience I must have.

  • Becky September 09, 2017

    The name of the hotel was the Embarcadero. It is in Newport, Oregon, and is on the bay, vs. right on the ocean. The crab dock is part of the hotel, and you need your key card to use it. They have the crab cooker right down there by the dock, and you can use it when you stay there. Part of this place is used for time shares, some rooms are rented out to anyone, and some people even live there full time, if they own units. Over the years, my aunt (who owns a time share) has sent us there occasionally on vacation, which is how we knew to go there. (We just rented a room for the anniversary weekend this time). Because it is set up this way, the units have full kitchens and a living room as well as the bedroom/bathroom. Cooking on vacation is important to me, as I have dietary restrictions, and prefer my own food most of the time. There is a pool and exercise room, although I have to admit I only exercised once, we were too busy crabbing:)

    There are other places/docks that people can crab off of if you are not staying at that particular hotel, but it's very, very nice to have that one to use when you stay there.

    On this trip, we had very, very good success with crabbing, much more than normal. There have been times when we went crabbing where we only caught 1 all day, or occasionally none. Then, there are times like this where we just pull them in like crazy. We used the cheapest chicken we could buy as bait, a tuna carcass we had frozen from when we bought a tuna previously, and the bones, etc. from the little fish we caught off the dock. Some people were using mink they purchased. One time, in another place, we used old clams a man was cleaning out of his freezer--he drove by the bridge where we were crabbing and gave them to us in a garbage bag. The smellier, and yuckier, the better the crabs seem to like it:)

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