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About Brandy

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Hello! I'm glad you're here! Whether you're struggling to make ends meet, looking to cut your grocery bill, wanting to celebrate special occasions on a tiny budget, or looking for everyday ways to save money, you'll find inspiration here.


My story:

I started this site in 2008, after we had been living on our food storage for over a year. We had gone 8 months without any income, due to the Real Estate market crash. My husband is a Real Estate broker with his own company, and our city, Las Vegas, was hit the hardest by the recession, resulting in 26% of the population becoming unemployed and 1 in 7 houses in foreclosure.

Our income continued to decrease over the next several years, dropping quickly to 50%, and by 2012, we were making just 25% of our previous income. At that point, I set our grocery budget for our family of 9 to $100 a month. You can read how we ate for this amount in my Eat for 40 Cents a Day series.

During many years of having a tight income, we still found ways to celebrate. You can see how we've celebrated frugal birthdays and made Christmas gifts. We have continued to find ways to cut our expenses, which has made it possible for us to stay in our home and still live a beautiful life.

In 2016, the real estate market in Las Vegas started to return to normal. We're beginning to see a bit of breathing room in the budget after so many years of difficulty. We've increased our grocery budget, planted more in the garden, and began to make some needed repairs.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do you get so much done?

You can see my schedule here.

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Where did you get your beautiful table linens and props?

Most of the items in my kitchen came to me through women in their 80's and 90's, who moved into assisted living facilities and shared their vintage kitchen items with me. I occasionally add pieces from garage sales.

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Can I come see your garden?

I occasionally have garden tours for groups of 35 once a year in early spring. I do not give private tours to individuals.

Can you come to speak to my group?

I am available to speak in the Las Vegas area. Please send me an email.

What camera and lenses do you use?

My camera and lens information can be found here.


New to my site? Start here.









All images and content © Brandy Simper and cannot be used without permission. If you wish to feature some of my photos or text in your blog or website, or in a handout for a food storage class, please contact me first to ask for permission and to inquire about licensing rates. See "Copyright Information." Pinning is always welcome and appreciated!



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