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We built up our pantry while our income was good. When it stopped for 8 months, we lived from our pantry without shopping for food--for over a year. Our income since then has been cut by 70%. It's been 5 years. We continue to live primarily from our pantry and garden, find ways to lower our expenses, and make due with what we have. 

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Flourish 2


Eat delicious meals for 40 a day. Frugally fill your pantry. Save money. Grow a beautiful kitchen garden. Learn how to can your own food. Repurpose clothing to make something spectacular. Make gifts using items you have on hand. Homeschool with free and inexpensive materials.

Have food to eat when you can't afford to go to the store.

And let it be beautiful. . . .

Steak Sauce

Home Page Square Steak Sauce

Excellent on black bean burgers, baked potatoes, and pork roast

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Growing Flowers Home Page Square Daffodil

Fill your home and garden with beautiful flowers for a lot less.

Saltine Crackers

Home Page Square Saltines

Make your own saltines for pennies.

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